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Changes to NHS provisions

From 1st October 2020, our NHS clinics will be on Tuesdays. These will provide the necessary basic eye examination. All NHS customers may join our Eyecare plan at just £5.00 per month which entitles you to a fully comprehensive examination including a 3D OCT Retinal scan for […]

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Dry Eye

Increased use of computers and hand held devices has led to an increase in the number of patients complaining about the feelings of dry eye. … The overall prevalence of dry eye in computer users was found to be 25% . To help, take regular screen breaks, and keep yourself hydrated with water. Adding omega 3 supplements […]

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New Service

We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying out Dry Eye Clinics; With the aid of sophisticated equipment, we are able to diagnose the main reason for your Dry Eye Symptoms and recommend a plan of management to help with the symptoms of this debilitating […]

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