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Contact Lens Room

Contact lenses are one of the fastest growing areas in the optical world so, if you haven’t considered them already, you may want to soon.

Today, more than three million people in the UK enjoy the benefits offered by contact lenses.

Contact lenses offer you an unrestricted field of vision, they don’t steam up or slip down your nose. They often give their wearers greater freedom and confidence. The wide variety of lenses available has contributed to the growth in contact lens use and now there are very few prescriptions that cannot be corrected. So even if you have astigmatism, need bifocals, or have previously been unable to wear them – now may be the time to rethink.

Whatever your needs, our contact lens practitioners have experience in fitting all types of lenses and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest improvements. This is one of the reasons that we were finalists in the 1999 Eyecare Awards for Contact Lens Practice of the Year.

The fitting of contact lenses can be a complicated task and before we will fit anyone, a full assessment of their eyes will be undertaken and the importance of different aspects explained. More details about some of the stages involved can be found below.

General Information – We will discuss with you your reasons for wanting to wear contact lenses and what you wish to use them for. Information on your general health and any medication you take will also be assessed because it may affect your ability to wear contact lenses.

Ocular Examination – Following a full eye examination, we use a slit lamp and keratometer to examine and measure the front surface of your eyes, tears, lids and lashes. This gives us greater information about the health of the surface of the eye and its likely response to wearing contact lenses.

Lens Selection – Using the information gathered during our initial questioning and our examination, we will suggest the lenses we feel most suitable for your needs. Which ever contact lenses we recommend, we will always detail the advantages and disadvantages of each before a final selection is made. Once a final decision has been made, some trial lenses will be selected from our stock, or for more complex prescriptions they may have to be ordered in.

Lens trial – The trial lens will be inserted by the practitioner (this doesn’t hurt) and you will have a free trial of about 30 minutes during which time you can leave the practice – and experience the world without glasses. On your return an assessment of your vision along with the fitting of the lenses will be made. Sometimes we need to make alterations to improve the comfort and/or vision. At this time you will be asked if you wish to go ahead with the fitting.

Lens Collection – Before we allow you to take your contact lenses home, we will give you instruction on how to handle and care for your lenses. Once you have successfully completed this, you will given some lenses to take home. The trial at home will last for up to one month depending on the lens type. You will also be given an emergency number to contact should you have any problems outside of our normal working hours.

Aftercare – When you have your first aftercare appointment the vision and fitting of your lenses will be checked again, along with the health of your eyes and how well they are meeting your needs. All being well your lens supply will be ordered.

Further aftercare appointments will be necessary at regular intervals throughout your contact lens wearing lifetime. We reserve the right to refuse to supply replacement contact lenses if regular aftercare visits have not been made.

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