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  • We Care About your Eyes

    At Anstee & Proctor we have been looking after the eyes of people in Northamptonshire for over 70 years and in that time have built up quite a reputation.

    In fact, over 60% of our new patients come to us through the personal recommendation of their family and friends

    When you come to Anstee & Proctor you can see the same optometrist allowing you to build up a rapport with someone who knows your eyes and individual needs.

  • When did you last have an eye examination?

    Our modern lives often involve heavy computer use and long periods of driving in all conditions,putting our eyes under more strain than ever before. Sight is essential and many of us take it for granted, but well looked after healthy eyes can make an enormous difference to your all round wellbeing, so having a regular Eye Examination is vital.

    An Eye Exam only takes around 30minutes and you can book by clicking here -

Eye Examinations...

We all rely on our eyes and good eyesight in almost every aspect of our daily lives.Yet a significant proportion of people don’t have their eyes examined at regular intervals. Click here to book an eye examination.

Contact Lenses...

Contact lenses are one of the fastest growing areas in the optical world. Today, more than three million people in the UK enjoy the benefits offered by contact lenses...


ChromaGen™ is a unique system of individually prescribed (haploscopic) filters which help individuals suffering from colour vision deficiency or academic skills disorders including Dyslexia...

At Anstee and Proctor we have been looking after the eyes of people in Northamptonshire for over 70 years ...

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